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The Kohler Company acquired Ann Sacks in 1989 from teacher and owner Ann Sacks. In 2011, Ann Sacks opened an international showroom in London. Since its start in 1980, Ann Sacks has been based in Portland, Oregon, where it creates handcrafted tile, stone, and luxury plumbing fixtures.

An unsuspecting customer shared her experience, "If you ever want to be made to feel small because of your taste in tiles or your budget, there is no better place than Ann Sacks. My boss had me pick some stuff up for her and they were snooty. Whatever, I can deal with that. But, they did have a few things that caught my eye, so I went back for myself and was treated like a peon. For freaking tiles! Turns out some tiles cost more than others..... like waaaay more. I ended up getting the exact same tiles in Glendale at one of the many tile spots on San Fernando, for way less money and way less attitude."


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Ann Sacks doesn't give their employees the tools to be successful. They set unrealistic sales goals and the pressure to meet these goals in unrealistic. They do not want to spend any money to help an outside sales person develop relationships within the design industry. They require that you have a car, but do not give a car allowance or pay for parking, when several of their showrooms are in city locations where parking is difficult and expensive. Ann Sacks is all about the profit margin. Upper management doesn't have a clue about what a showroom needs or how to offer valuable support."

Former Employee - Showroom Manager says

"The ever changing culture is toxic! Corporate can’t seem to land on who they want to be to the client or how to service the showrooms/sales staff. The corporate office is like an extreme episode of “mean girls”. You have to kiss up to Kohler Senior Management - they do not want to hear any negative feedback."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Appreciate the feedback on your experience. It’s never easy to read comments such as this but we appreciate them because it allows us to recognize how far we’ve come. Highlight on the word ‘former’; a great leadership team can sometimes take trial and error to build. I can tell you we recently have onboarded some new leaders that are passionate about people and committed to helping our associates succeed. Seeing a fresh focus on that ‘great Ann Sacks culture’ you referenced has everyone excited once again! I think our ability to constantly look in the mirror and make improvements is why we do see so many former employees reapplying after they have left to try something new. Anyway, best of luck on your next venture, in your eight years with us, I know you’ve developed some great skills to take with you!"

Current Employee - Parts says

"Upper management is terrible ..if you have any problems or take it up in command you Will most likely be fired"

Current Employee - Product Placement Specialist says

"Low pay, you get cussed at and berated daily. HR will blame you for any problems you bring to their attention. They only care about protecting the company from any potential lawsuit, NOT fixing the actual problem. If you are a hard worker then God help you because you will be picking up the slack for several departments all the while being told ten different things by ten different leads, who can't seem to manage even an ounce of maturity. Please don't waste your time applying here unless you love drama. Myself and many, many of my co-workers are actively seeking employment opportunities elsewhere."


"Few opportunities for growth or advancement at the showroom level. Opportunities may exist if one is willing to relocate to Portland, OR."


"Management is dominated by females and unwilling to invest in anyone, as everyone is openly considered replaceable. Employees who show devotion are undervalued. Lifting= 20% of workload ; Selling = 80% Small Staff (one person quits and it means overworking) Very high turnover Culture based on fear / Non-existent Constantly asked to book outreach and have showroom events Commission-based; no sense of being in a team and working together"

Current Employee - Sales says

"Hi There, we do appreciate the note and would very much like to learn more if you’d be willing to share? Be assured that Kohler is an equal opportunity employer who makes a full commitment to ensuring our working environments are diverse and inclusive. In fact, we employ an entire team committed to D&I who are focused on designing events, creating organizations, and providing education and training, so all associates know that any form of bias will not be tolerated. Our chat will be confidential, so please reach out! My email is - Thanks again!"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"General manager has lack of empathy and will fire you for no reason .lack of concern for the employees. Any new ideas or prior job experience does not matter. Factory is ran down. Bad product sent to customers so numbers will look goodGreat employeesTreat you like your expendable"


"Poor management and pay ensures a revolving door of employees. Additionally, beware if the offer you a large book of business that doesn’t exist! Management tends to be unsupportive and temperamental."

Director of Merchandising and Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed learning new product category through the many passionate showroom associates that strive to create high level customer service. Very intricate business."

Accounting Manager (SAP) says

"It was too long ago, I can barely remember. Plus it was a temp job that lasted only a year. It was fine, but it was a remote subsidiary that may not even have a local presence. Guys I don't have anything else to say.normalnormal"

Glaze Technician (Former Employee) says

"Decent factory job that appreciated my ceramics degree/knowledge. Poor wages for my skill level. Intense physical labor, but exciting look at industrial level ceramics."

Senior Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Everyone is really nice and eager to help if needed. The workload can be heavy at times, but everyone pitches in to help move things along.SalaryNot very accomodating"

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